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Henry Ford's first internal combustion engine 1893.

This engine was built for me by my friend, Tim Lucius of New Reigel, Ohio.

Tim was 15 at the time this engine was built. He built the engine from

plans I purchased for him from Leon Ridenour of Tennessee.

To order plans contact:

Leon Ridenour

4610 Sunflower Road

Knoxville, TN 37909


Christmas Eve 1893, Henry Ford presented his wife Clara a Christmas Surprise.  .

His first internal combustion engine was fired up on the kitchen sink of their then modest home, This simple experiment lead to Henry's first automobile, the Quadricycle in 1896.  The rest is automotive history. To the right is the original "Kitchen Sink Engine" that now resides at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.


Tim Lucius with his parent's Bill & Deanna.  Jay Klehfoth CEO of the MTFCA and myself at a Homecoming in Richmond, IN 2014 as Tim

shares his engine for the first time.


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