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Who is the Coil Doctor?


Our Mission Statement

Our mission in developing this business is to furnish Model T owners with a quality product that will serve them well and increase their enjoyment of the hobby. 

We are committed to sharing our knowledge with the next generation of Model T owners. We have been blessed with many friendships in this hobby.  We have benefited from the knowledge of others and hope to be able to pay that forward to our customers. Financial gain is not the reason for our business. Friendships and helping others is our goal.



Let me introduce me and my wife.  I am Brent Mize, and my wife is Nancy. We currently own 2 Model T's.  We have a 1913 Runabout and a 1927 Sport Touring. We reside in Reynoldsburg, Oh, a suburb of Columbus. Nancy and I have been in the Model T hobby since July of 2001. Early in our new adventure, a good friend of mine, the late Bill Coulman, demonstrated just how important a good set of coils is to the proper running of the Model T.  Bill loaned me a set of coils rebuilt by Ron Patterson,The Coilman, and I was hooked. In 2006 I decided I wanted to learn the proper process and talked with Ron about learning his process.  Ron graciously showed me his process and has become a real friend and mentor. We have been in business since 2009 and have expanded to generators and starters.  We enjoy our business and hope to see you at one of the tours or swap meets.




























Our beautiful grandchildren, Olivia and Liam, enjoying their new Model T. Our 13 is now theirs to enjoy.  We passed it down to their parents to enjoy while we're still here. Time for another generation to enjoy the old girl!





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